Levity Mountain is part of a family of projects, including Earth Sky Time Farm, the Wilburton Inn, and the Museum of the Creative Process. Year round, we are a part of network of engaging projects, fun celebrations, and meaningful opportunities. Contact us to learn more or come up for a visit!  

The Wilburton Inn

The Wilburton Inn is a grand 30-acre estate in Manchester, which has been owned and operated by our family for over 30 years. The Wilburton Inn includes the historic Wilburton Mansion and seven other guest villas. The Wilburton hosts destination weddings, yoga retreats, and family reunions, in additional to nightly bed and breakfast lodging. 

The Museum of the Creative Process

Directed by Albert Levis, MD, the Museum of the Creative Process is a center for creative exploration and emotional growth. The Museum of the Creative Process includes a huge outdoor sculpture collection, the Henry Gorski Retrospective, the Metaphoria Gazebo, and the Holocaust Memorial. Visit the collections, complete the online emotional training program, or stop in for a workshop.